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School Clubs

School Clubs


We have a fantastic selection of extra-curricular activity clubs on offer. Below is the timetable showing the range of clubs and when they will be taking place. All clubs will take place each week regardless of weather (though sometimes they might be indoors).


All after school clubs start straight from school and will finish promptly at 4:15pm. All lunchtime clubs start at 12:45pm, giving children sufficient time to eat their lunch beforehand, and end at 1:15pm.


Our Club Guidelines:

  • To wear a PE kit (including extra kit for the wet/cold weather) and appropriate trainers for sports clubs.

  • To have a water bottle as we encourage the children to keep hydrated during exercise.

  • The teacher-led clubs are free for the children to attend. However, we still expect the children to show a commitment to the clubs and ensure they attend all sessions where possible.

  • Children will need to be collected from outside of the classroom where that club is being run.

  • Good behaviour is essential so that all children get the most out of every session at every club, enjoy themselves and are able to learn in a fun and safe environment. Those attending any club will be expected to abide by our school rules.


Please support us by reading through these guidelines with your child before starting a club.


If your child would like to join any of the clubs, please respond through the form on ParentMail; a register for the term will be created from the responses. We hope there is plenty for your child to choose from and any feedback or suggestions about clubs we do offer or could offer in the future will be gratefully received.


We welcome all adult volunteers to our clubs, please contact the school office for further details.




After School


Book Club KS2

Mrs Talbot (No charge)

Miss Brooks Art/Craft Infants

Mrs Bird Knitting Juniors

Netball (CSE) Juniors


 Mrs Hammond x Tables

Football - Infants




Martian Arts Dee Cooper


Mrs Pattenden Maths

Ms Le Gassicke Leggo Infants




Football - Juniors CSE