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Day 4

End of the story. Today you are going to be writing the end to your story. This will be the final question and the quest that works. Your character is going to save all of its kind. My Character Hettie is going to save all of Badger kind, just like Max saved all of Hedghog kind. This is also going to be my last sentence in my story.

DAY 3 


Middle of the story. Today you are going to try and use some exciting wow words to include in the middle of your story. I have included some word mats to help you think of some exciting sentence openers and some wow words. Concentrate on the quests today. There should be 3 with your last quest being how you solve the problem (just like Max trying to cross the road using a zebra crossing, traffic lights and then the lollipop lady.) The first 2 quests will be the middle of your story. The end of your story will be the final quest so don’t write about that today. If you are stuck then look at my example. It may give you some tips. Remember you can use any of my ideas and pinch them for your own but do not copy all of it, as your story is different to mine :)


We have been reading The Hodgeheg and have completed lots of work about the story. This week it is your turn to create your own story using the format of The Hodgeheg. You are going to think of ways that you can change the story so that it is your own. The first thing you will have to do is decide on what animal you are going to write about. Have a think about another animal that might want to cross the road on its own. Your animal will want to get to get across the road but you may want to change where they are going and why. It might be a good idea to research some other nocturnal animals, as you may want to keep your animal as a nocturnal animal. I think I would have a badger, after the badger got bumped on the head by the bike it would be Bedgar. I wonder what animals you will think of. When you have thought of your animal have a think about the quests.Keep the same crossing types, the zebra crossing, the traffic lights and the lollipop person. But you may want to change what happens to your character each time. Instead of a bike hitting Max, it could be a scooter ( probably not a lorry/car as he wouldn't survive this). I am really looking forward to your ideas for your story. Please submit them to me by the end of the day so that I know what you are doing and I can give you some ideas if you need them.

Day 2


Watch the video before attempting to write your story. Please look at my examples to help you with writing of your own story. Remember that today you are only writing the beginning of your story. You may want to include paragraphs to show the different pieces of information that you are grouping your ideas. You may wish to use a paragraph to explain the setting and then another paragraph to introduce the problem ( year 2 you can try paragraphs but I'm not expecting this ). You can write your story on the computer/ tablets etc or you can hand write it but please remember to upload me your beginning by the end of the day