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Lesson Five

1. Make up a revolting menu

  • Read Menu (See Day 5 Resources). What would you choose to eat? What do you think your friends and family would eat?
  • Read Revolting Menu Prompts (See Day 5 Resources). Use these instructions to create a revolting yet delicious sounding menu.
  • Watch this advert. Can you read your menu in the same style? You could record your own advert like this!



2. Read gross recipes

  • Look at the Gross Recipes (See Day 5 Resources). These have all been made to be edible but to look awful.
  • Read the information carefully and try to fill in the missing parts: (i) Ingredients, (ii) Method, (iii) Ingredients and (iv) Picture.


Well done! You can check your answers at the end of this pack.


3.  Make up recipes

  • Read Roald Dahl Recipes (See Day 5 Resources). Choose one of the foods that he invented and make-up a recipe for it. Include a picture, ingredients and method in your recipe.