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Lesson Five

1. Read a poem

  • Read These are the hands (see resources) by Michael Rosen. Read it twice – once in your head and once out loud. What rhythm do you find as you read?
  • Watch Michael Rosen reading the poem:


What did you notice about the poem from this performance?

  • Read the Poetry Questions (see resources). Think about your answers and then write some of them as sentences.


2. Highlight verbs and nouns

  • Highlight the verbs and nouns that are used in the poem.
  • Which have been hidden from Verb and Noun (see resources) list? Write them in.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Think of other people who have helped during this time.
  • Complete Professions – Nouns and Verbs (see resources), thinking of nouns and verbs to do with three other groups of people.
  • Try turning your ideas into a poem. You can begin each verse with ‘These are the hands…’ (or you could think of eyes or feet or faces…)
  • Try to give your poem rhythm and perhaps rhyme too.


As an extra...

  • Practise performing your poem.
  • Send your performance or a copy of your poem to some of the groups of people that you have written about.