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Lesson Five

1. Make up a revolting menu

  • Read Menu (See Day 5 resources). What would you choose to eat? What do you think your friends and family would eat?
  • Read Betty’s Butty (See Day 5 resources). Which, in your opinion, is the worst food described?
  • Make a menu for Betty’s Butty. Write short descriptions of some of the meals, add your own ideas for revolting food and add pictures too.


2. Read gross recipes

  • Look at the Gross Recipe – Pictures (See Day 5 resources). These have all been made to be edible but to look awful.
  • Match the Picture, Ingredients and Methods. Which of these recipes do you think looks best? Which would you most like to try?


Well done! You can check your answers at the end of this pack.


3.  Make up recipes

  • Read Roald Dahl Recipes (See Day 5 resources). Choose one of the foods that he invented and make-up a recipe for it. Include a picture, ingredients and method in your recipe.