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Lesson Five

1. Learn a poem

  • Read Snow (see resources). What patterns can you spot in this poem?
  • Fill in the boxes on the Memory Frame (see resources) with quick pictures that will help you to remember each line of the poem.
  • Use your pictures to practise saying the poem without looking at the words.


2. Investigate a poem

  • Read Summer Days (see resources). What do you like about the poem? Which is your favourite line?
  • Fill in the Word Table (see resources) to show the pattern of words used in Summer Days.


3.  Write your own poem

  • Decide a title for your poem. It could be one of these, or you could choose your own idea:

A day at the beach

Summer meadow

Seasons of the tree

  • Fill in the Blank Word Table (see resources) to make lines for your poem.
  • Choose your favourite lines and put them in an order you like to make your poem. Write it out carefully.


As an extra...

  • Share your poem with somebody else.
  • Make an illustration for your poem.
  • Teach somebody to learn Snow off by heart.