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Lesson Four

1. Analyse a video-message

  • Watch Deanna Rodger’s message again.


  • Which of these memories seem happy? Which seem unhappy? How would you describe the overall mood of this message?
  • Write and highlight the Transcript (see resources) to show some features of this script. You can check your answers at the end of this pack.


2. Think about your own memories

  • Sit quietly for a moment and listen to the sounds you can hear and the feelings that you notice. Think about your own memories from this time.
  • Use the Memory Planner (See resources) to write and draw about five or six of your own memories.


3. Now for some writing

  • Write a script about the things that you will remember.
  • Try to include some of the features from Deanna’s script: repetition, specific detail, alliteration, expanded noun-phrases and rhyme or half-rhyme.
  • Practise reading and performing your script.


As an extra

Interview people in your house and from elsewhere about what they will remember. Write up their memories for them and share a copy of your writing with them.