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Lesson Four

1. Read and learn a poem

  • Read the poem Revenge (see resources). Read it three times so you are really familiar with the words.
  • Now cover up the words. Can you say the poem using just the pictures at the bottom? If you can’t, look at the words and try again.


2. Remind yourself about poetry vocabulary

  • Read Poetry Vocabulary (see resources).
  • Now cut up the cards and turn them upside down. Play pairs, turning the cards and matching them.  


3. Perform a poem

  • Read Snow, Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine (see resources) and The Moon (see resources).
  • Choose your favourite of these three poems.
  • Read Performance Questions (see resources). Think about your answers for your favourite poem and make notes about them.
  • Practise performing your poem until you are really confident.


As an extra...


Can you teach somebody else to memorise the poem, ‘Revenge’?

Can you carefully handwrite your favourite poem?