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Lesson Four

1. Complete a Crosspoints puzzle

  • Read Crosspoints (See Day 4 resources). Fill in the grid with words and then check your score.
  • Use the other Crosspoint Grids (See Day 4 resources) yourself to try to beat your score OR challenge someone else to play the game and see how they do.


2. Complete a Crossword

  • Complete the Minibeast Crossword (See Day 4 resources). Read the clues and write your answers in the crossword grid.
  • Choose either the Pet Crossword (See Day 4 resources) or the Transport Crossword (See Day 4 resources) and complete it.

You could challenge yourself to complete both!


Well done! You can check your answers at the end of this pack. You can find more crosswords to solve at this website:




3.  Make up your Crossword

  • Either use the Crossword Template or this website to make up your own crossword:


  • Choose a theme. Choose words to fit. Make up clues that will lead to these words. Look at the example done by Owl to see how it works!
  • Try your crossword out on someone else. How well did they do?