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Lesson One

1. Watch a short video message

  • Watch ‘Message to myself in six months’ time’



  • Read Listening Questions (See Day 1 resources). Which of these can you answer already? Watch the video message again. Which can you answer now? Write sentence answers.


2. Remind yourself about informal and formal language

  • Use the PowerPoint on formal and informal language (See resources) or, if this is not possible, use the Revision Card (See resources) to remind yourself about this.  
  • Complete Apostrophes in Contractions (See resources).


3.  Note initial ideas

  • Think about what you might say to yourself in six months’ time.  
  • Try to think of 6-10 ideas and record them on Idea Notes (see resources). You’ll pick the best ones to work with on Day 2.


As an Extra...

Use the Transcript (see resources) and try to re-write Laura Smyth’s message so that it is very formal. Try at least one paragraph. You could try all three. Read your writing aloud. How does it sound?