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Lesson One

1. Read jokes

  • Read a set of short jokes: One Liners (See Day One Resources).
  • Put a star next to the jokes that you really like. Put a question-mark next to any that you’re not sure about. Show the jokes to someone else. Do they agree with you?
  • Choose 3 short jokes and learn them by heart. Practise telling them.
  • Read a set of longer jokes: Shaggy Dog Stories (See Day One Resources). Which is your favourite? Do you prefer longer or shorter jokes?
  • Now choose a Shaggy Dog Story.  Read How to Tell a Shaggy Dog Story (See Day One Resources). Tell your story - add description and elaborate it to make it really good.
  • If you can bear it, read More Jokes (See Day One Resources).


2. Try making up your own jokes

  • Watch this video about writing jokes:


  • Read I’ve got a new job (See Day One Resources). Choose the best punchlines for the jokes.
  • Try to write your ‘I’ve got a new job’ jokes.
  • Watch these top five tips about writing jokes:


Try following these tips and writing some of your own jokes.


3. Make a joke book

  • Collect your favourite jokes from One Liners/Shaggy Dog Stories/More Jokes and the jokes that you have written yourself. Add any other favourite jokes that you or your family have.
  • Use How to Make a Folded Book (See Day One Resources) to create the book.
  • Write the jokes in the book. Add comic illustrations too.