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Lesson One

1. Make predictions

  • Look at Front Cover (see resources). Write notes to say what you notice and what predictions you can make about the book. Who do you think could be the characters in this story? What could happen?
  • Listen to the story being read
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ickziSniXkI . Did some of your predictions occur?


2. Remind yourself about speech marks and reporting clauses.

  • Use the PowerPoint about speech marks and reporting clauses (see resources) or, if this is not possible, use the Revision Card (see resources) to remind yourself.
  • Complete Peter and the Wolf Sentences (see resources). You can use some of the Said Synonyms (see resources) for your reporting clauses.


3.  Summarise the story

  • Look closely at the Six Illustrations (see resources). What is happening in each? What has happened just before and what will happen just after?
  • Write sentences on Story Summary (see resources) about the illustrations.

As an extra...


  • Design a back-cover. Write a blurb to tell about the book
  • The story is famously set to music. Listen to all or half of the musical performance here: