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Lesson One

1. Read a collection of jokes

  • Read Ha, Ha, Ha, Boom! (Part 1) (See Day 1 Resources).
  • Put a star next to the jokes that you really like. Put a question-mark next to any that you can’t understand. Ask a grown-up if they can explain those ones to you. Are there any that neither of you get?!
  • If you can bear it, read Ha, Ha, Ha, Boom! (Part 2) (See Day 1 Resources).
  • Choose 3-5 of these jokes and try learning them by heart. Practise telling them out loud. Can you use actions, expression and pauses to make them sound really funny? Try them out on someone else.


2. Try making up your own jokes

  • Watch this video about writing jokes:


  • Read I’ve got a new job (See Day 1 Resources). Choose the best punchlines for the jokes.
  • Try to write your ‘I’ve got a new job’ jokes.
  • Watch these top five tips about writing jokes:


Try following these tips and writing some of your own jokes.


3. Make a joke book

  • Collect your favourite jokes from Ha, Ha, Ha, Boom! and the jokes that you have written yourself. Add any other favourite jokes that you or your family have.
  • Use How to Make a Folded Book (See Day 1 Resources) to create the book.
  • Write the jokes in the book. Add comic illustrations too.