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Lesson Three

1. Watch a video message

  • Watch another ‘Message to myself in six-month’s time’


  • Deanna remembers seven things. Make Jottings (see resources) of as many as you can remember, then watch the video again and jot down what you missed.
  • Which of these things is most like something that you will remember?


2. Remind yourself about expanded noun phrases.

  • Use the PowerPoint on expanded noun phrases (see resources) or, if this is not possible, use the Revision Card (see resources) to remind yourself about these. 
  • Complete Noun Phrase Builder (see resources). 


3.  Now for some writing

  • Use the rows from the Noun Phrase Builder (see resources).
  • Add a Preposition after the head noun and write a prepositional phrase that gives even more detail to your noun.
  • Write your sentences out carefully and try writing some of your own, with expanded noun-phrases, to describe some part of lock-down.


As an extra...

For the next week, make a list at the end of each day of five things that you have most enjoyed and will most remember.  Write descriptively so that you will vividly remember those things. Tell someone about your list or keep it just for you! Plan to read it in six months’ time.