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Lesson Three

1. Find out about Star Wars droids

  • Look at Droid Pictures (See Day 3 Resources). What do you know already about any of these?
  • Read Droid Descriptions(See Day 3 Resources). Look for any clues that will help you to match each description to the right picture. You may need to look up some vocabulary. Use a book dictionary or https://www.wordsmyth.net/
  • Read Droid Questions (See Day 3 Resources). How many can you answer?
  • Check your answers with Droid Answers (See Day 3 Resources).
  • Write a Multiple-Choice Quiz (See Day 3 Resources). Write three options for each question: the right answer, a close answer and a ridiculous answer. Don’t always put these in the same order.
  • Try your quiz out on some other people. How many can they get right?


2. Invent a droid

  • Design a droid that would be most helpful to you.
  • Draw your droid. Write a description of it. You can make up your information!
  • Make an advert for your droid. You could make a poster or you could film an advert.


3. Imagine living gadgets

  • Imagine if some modern day gadgets had personalities like the StarWars droids, e.g. your watch could speak to you and gave you advice on how not to be late!!
  • Complete Gadget Personalities (See Day 3 Resources).
  • Use your ideas to write a story.