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Lesson Three

1. Look carefully at an illustration

  • Look at the picture of the Procession (see resources).
  • What is happening in the story in this picture? What has happened just before? What could happen next? (You could use your Story Summary from Day 1 to remind you).
  • Listen to the music that goes with this part of the story:


  • Close your eyes as you listen to the music and try to picture the characters, how they are moving, what they might be feeling and what they could be saying.


2. Imagine a new ending for the story

  • Complete New Ending (see resources). Imagine what will happen when the procession arrives at the zoo.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Write your new ending to the story. Include some direct speech. Use the Revision Card (see resources) to remind you about using a new line for a new speaker.

As an extra...

Watch some of this version of the musical performance. You can see the instruments being played. What do you notice? Did the instruments look as you expected them to?