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Lesson Two

1. Read escape puzzles

  • Read Escape Puzzles (See Day 2 Resources). Can you work out solutions to any of them? Show them to someone else. Can they work them out?
  • Have a proper go at a couple of them.
  • Check Solutions (See Day 2 Resources) on the second page. Which do you think is cleverest?
  • Learn your favourite off-by-heart and try it out on other people.


Well done. You could try playing this online Harry Potter escape-puzzle game.




2. Imagine some escapes

  • Watch Anthony Horowitz talking about the top five escapes for Alex Rider (the character he writes about).


  • Complete Alex Escapes (See Day 2 Resources)with your ideas.
  • Read Alex Rider Extract (See Day 2 Resources). Underline all the challenges that Alex faces as he tries to escape the prison.


3. Write about an escape

  • Look closely at the Alcatraz diagram (See Day 2 Resources). Visit Google Earth to explore this real-life island prison in more detail.


  • Imagine you were locked up in Alcatraz and you were innocent!  You have to get out. Plan your escape from Alcatraz, using Escape Planner (See Day 2 Resources).
Write your plan as a story