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Lesson Two

1. Look carefully at an illustration

  • Look at the picture of Duck and Bird (see resources).
  • What is happening in the story before this picture? What will happen just after? (Use your Story Summary from Day 1 to remind you).
  • Listen to the music that goes with this part of the story:


  • What do you picture when you hear this music? How could you describe the picture in your head?


2. Imagine some speech

  • Imagine all the things that Duck and Bird might have said in their argument? Instead of boasting and being unkind, what could they have said to each other to resolve their arguments, celebrate their differences and find similarities between them?
  • Write your ideas on Duck and Bird (see resources).


3.  Now for some writing

  • Write a paragraph using your ideas about what Duck and Bird could have talked about.
  • Include some direct speech in your writing. Use the Revision Card (see resources) to remind you about how to do this.


As an extra...

Watch the second part of the musical version of the story: