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Day 5
Day 4- French


Learn French colours / colors. In this French lesson, Cindy, a native French teacher, teaches you the colours in French with fun animations. This lesson also...

Day 3

Topic- This week you have been learning about the world. Today you are going to continue with that and you are going to have a go at learning about the countries in Europe. You will try to locate them and then you will choose one to make a project about later in the week. Look at the information powerpoint before you try to attempt your worksheet. On the worksheet it is asking you to locate the countries. Yesterday you did similar with the cities in the UK but I gave you the information that you needed to fill in the cities. Today I would like you to find a map online that could help you. You may have a world map, globe or atlas at home, This will help you. If not then look online for a ‘ map of Europe’

Topic Work


Have a look at the powerpoint as this will give you the information that you need to do your worksheets. When you have looked through the powerpoint see if you can use the map of the UK to find and label with different cities that are in the UK. Look closely at the map to help you. Your extension is to see if you can spot places using the North, East, South , West. Find the city it is asking you to, and then it tells you which direction to look in so that you can spot another city. Good luck.